WSCS Mission Statement and Goals
Our goal is to help each student reach his or her greatest potential, to offer the highest quality education, and to encourage each student to pursue excellence in all that he or she does.  Our goal is that every student not only enjoy success in the classroom; but also enjoy a meaningful lifetime of academic, professional, and spiritual service to the Lord, one’s country, and one’s community.  It is also our goal to educate children in truth and righteousness, to prepare them to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world by pursuing excellence, and to support the Christian family and the Bible-believing church.
WSCS History

  • Founded in 1976 through the prayers and faith of Pastor George Grossman and the people of the Walnut Street Baptist Church.
  • The school opened with 27 students, offering grades kindergarten through eighth grade.
  • In 1979, WSCS added four grades, offering grades kindergarten through twelfth.
  • In 1994, a pre-school program was added.
  • We experienced a 57.1% growth rate between the 1994 and 1999 school years.
  • In 1999, we purchased the former Woolrich plant to accommodate our growing numbers.
  • In January 2001, we moved to our current school campus in Avis.
  • In 2005, we purchased 50 acres of adjacent land to expand the ministry.

WSCS Distinctives

  • Faithful, long-term faculty and staff.
  • Christ-centered philosophy
  • Safe, loving, caring atmosphere
  • Family and local church oriented with at least thirty-five or more churches represented each year.
  • Over 160 students who come from a radius of 35 miles.
  • Majority of the WSCS staff and faculty have CPR training.
  • Locked security entrance
  • Alumni are enrolling their chlildren.
  • Alumni are volunteering at WSCS and two have joined our faculty.

Spiritual Emphasis

  • Daily prayer and Bible study
  • Bible verse memorization
  • Good testimonies and behavior are modeled, taught, and encouraged.
  • Chapel every Friday


  • Phonics based reading curriculum.
  • Students learn to read in Kindergarten and test in the top 12% nationwide.
  • Advanced, academic A Beka curriculum is used.
  • Academic Support Teacher available for extra help.
  • Our students average two to three grades ahead on national achievement tests.
  • Many high school electives are offered.
  • Ninety percent of WSCS graduates enter higher education.
  • A large percentage of the high school students qualify to be members of the KCEA State Honor Society.


  • Boys’ and girls’ soccer teams (Three championship seasons)
  • Boys’ and girls’ basketball seasons (Five state varsity championships, one JV championship)