Update – November 7, 2016 Website Updates

With the completion of the field in late May, the next task was to irrigate the field throughout the summer.  The “Challenge”?  We did not have utilities yet!  With the need for an inch of water a week on the field to get the sod established, our dependence upon rain was not the solution.  And unknown to us, we were about to face one of the hottest and driest summers for decades!  But God always has the “Answer”?  He only asks that we pray, and He did answer!  Gas Field Specialists, Inc. stepped forward and provided two 21,000 gallon water buffaloes, along with continual water delivery, for FREE, throughout the entire summer!  It is estimated the GFS delivered over 600,000 gallons of water!  Praise the Lord for Brad West and his family for their generous gift and their vision for the children of our area!


 September 1, 2016, saw our first ever soccer game on the new field.  What joy to have this wonderful gift to utilize for God’s glory.  The dedication of the field followed two weeks later.  Pastor Longnecker gave a brief history of the journey that we have traveled, and he recognized the church leadership, the church congregation, our school family, our awesome secretarial staff, our athletic department, and the Parent/Teacher Fellowship.  Special recognition awards were distributed to the companies and groups who have worked with us, many who have volunteered time, equipment, and manpower.  They include the following:

Avis Building Supply                        Bassett Engineering              Brooks Logging

Choate Forest Pros        Clinton County Conservation District     Gas Field Specialists, Inc.  

Glenn O. Hawbaker, Inc.     Hilling Land Surveying        Dave and Doris Jarrett        

Jersey Shore Independent Hose       Little League Baseball          Lullaby Sod Farm

sod complete

Ribbon Cutting

We’re extremely thankful to these individuals and companies who have exhibited a vision for the future of the kids in our surrounding communities.  And we are deeply appreciative of the many, many volunteers who have claimed ownership of this dream.  Most of all, we praise our God Who provided in so many, many ways!

The Next Step in this journey is raising the funds to pay for the field and its infrastructure.  The goal is to raise $250,000 in the next thirteen months through a capital appeal.  Already Jersey Shore State Bank has donated funds to purchase a beautiful soccer scoreboard!  Information is being distributed to help potential donors to better understand our beginnings, our journey, and our vision.  Included in this figure are the needs of fencing, restrooms, a zero turn mower, bleachers, a line painter, a concession stand, and lighting. If you would like more information, please feel free to contact the school and speak with Kim Holter.  You may also email her at kholter@wsbcm.org.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, our vision for this field is to use it for God’s glory.  Yes, our school will continue to use it to play soccer games and conduct physical education classes.  But our ultimate goal is to use this facility to strengthen our families and bring our communities to Christ through athletics.  The field belongs to Him: we are His stewards.  Please pray with us for God to be glorified!


Soccer field update – May 17,2016

We are praising the Lord for the wonderful journey He is taking us on!  The construction of the soccer field is complete!  To God be all the glory!  The pictures speak volumes!

sod truck 1sod1

We are grateful to Glenn O. Hawbaker for their expert and timely construction.  They began April 21 and completed the project one month later!  They were very gracious in helping with extra things that saved us both time and costs.  When they moved out, volunteers moved in to lay approximately 84,000 square feet of sod!  Wow!  And we are deeply grateful for the hours and hours that many spent because they “had a mind to work.” (Nehemiah 5:6)  Dads and moms, grandfathers, pastors, and teens participated.  We even had a man bring his work crew to help on two separate occasions.  And ladies were so gracious in supplying meals for 15-20 guys!  A very special “THANK YOU” goes to Fred Bromm from Bromm’s Lullaby Farm in Jersey Shore for his graciousness in supplying the sod at a greatly reduced cost.  He also gave of his equipment, time, and expertise to help us lay the sod in a timely manner!  Then we had a dry spell and needed water.  Men from Independent Hose Company 1 in Jersey Shore stepped in to water the field on multiple occasions, for which we are deeply thankful; for the new sod was stressed.   Then God sent rain!  And more rain!  And more rain!  From there Gas Field Specialties has provided two water tankers from which we can irrigate the field this summer.  They have also promised a steady water supply all summer!  How great is our God!!!!  What a wonderful journey it has been in which God is leading and supplying!

sod laying

soccer firetruck1

So now the grass is quietly growing (it actually got its first haircut yesterday!).  Please pray with us for the funding of the entire field.  We have begun a “Sod for God” fund to pay for the sod ($16,000), and we welcome your gifts.  If you would like more information, please contact the school.

soccer girls

The important question is this:  How does this field impact our future ministry?  We have been very careful to communicate that this field is going to be used as a bridge to minister to the community.  It is certainly going to be a huge asset to our soccer program and our physical education classes in the school.  The complex will provide exciting new avenues for our church activities.  But if that is all it is, we are missing the point.  God wants us to reach out and touch our neighborhoods and communities.  Please pray with us that this wonderful and God-given “patch of grass” will be used to bring kids and families to Christ and will strengthen the physical and spiritual bodies of our children, teens, and adults!

Soccer sodding

Thank you!  And keep praying!

Soccer ball

April 5, 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony!

We are so thankful that the construction of the soccer field has begun!  On March 20 we held the groundbreaking ceremony!  Praise the Lord!  Special recognition was given to Avis Building Supply, Bassett Engineering, Brooks Logging, Choate Forest Pros, Glenn O Hawbaker, Hilling Land Surveying, Pastor Joel Long, Pine Creek Township Supervisors, Wayne Township Landfill, and the deacons and pastors of the Walnut Street Baptist Church Ministries.  Pastor Joel Long of the Tabernacle Baptist Church opened in prayer, Pastor Tim Longnecker gave a brief history, Pastor George Grossman gave a vision for our future use of the field, and Pastor Jeremy Geisler closed in prayer.  However, first and foremost, glory and all praise and thanks were directed toward our God Who has led and orchestrated and provided!

What comes next?  The construction of the field should continue throughout the next two weeks.  After that, we are responsible for the sodding of the field and seeding of outlying areas.  We will need volunteers to help lay sod, so if you are willing and have a strong back, please call the school and offer to volunteer.  We will have more information forthcoming, dependent upon the weather and field construction progress.

Please be watching for another update within the next week to ten days.

Most importantly, please keep praying for wisdom, finances, safety for the men working, and  volunteers to step forward to help!  Thank you!

039IMG_0626field1soccerdozers2March 22.4

Discovery Journey Update – November 12, 2015

It has been less than a month since we brought you the latest progress.  And your prayers have been heard in so many ways!  In just two weeks the soccer field site has been transformed from a jungle of trees and brush to a plowed field!  Praise God for the great things He has done!


*Choate Forest Pros completely cleared the area for the soccer field, taking out the remainder of the trees, clearing the brush, grinding down the stumps, stockpiling logs for firewood, piling the brush and tops, and grading the area in preparation for the next step, all at no cost!  They were also instrumental in providing silt sock at a greatly reduced cost!  Our special thanks goes to Joe Choate for spearheading this donation of time, men, and equipment!

soccer brushsoccer brush 2

*We were able to provide firewood for some needy families!

*Wayne Township Landfill then came in and removed six huge piles of brush (20 feet high!) at an extremely reduced cost!  We would like to recognize Jay Alexander, who was the key to seeing this happen!

soccer landfill 5

soccer landfill 2*Hilling Land Surveying followed up with staking out the boundaries so that the silt sock could be placed properly.  W.C. Hilling has been instrumental in donating of his time throughout the project.  He has a passion for Christian education, and our gratitude goes out to him!

*Avis Building Supply has continued to be of service to the ministry!  They have willingly transported silt sock and delivered the pallets to key points on the property, making our job so much easier!  We are exceedingly grateful for their partnership with us in facilitating our training of young lives for Christ!

*Teens, teachers, dads, and a grandfather at that juncture worked to install 900 feet of silt sock!  Men, we appreciate your service!

silt sock 5

silt sock 4God has continued to answer the prayers of His people!  We are now waiting for bids on the excavation/construction of the field.

We have not set aside the plans for constructing the Family Life Center.  However, the Lord has directed us to do what we can do right now, and He has provided the companies and individuals at exactly the right times.  No one could have scheduled these steps as God did!  He is Supreme!  He is Sovereign!  He is Awesome!  He is to be lifted on high as King of Kings and Lord of Lords!  We worship our Creator and Savior!

Keep praying!  Keep watching for updates!  Thank you!


October 21, 2015

PRAISE THE LORD WITH US!  Earlier this month we received our permit approval from the Clinton County Conservation District, giving us permission to move forward toward our goals of building a Family Life Center and a soccer field.

Our immediate plans involve the construction of the soccer field.  Over the next few weeks our goal is to remove the remainder of the trees, pull out the stumps, and begin the excavation.  Men have already stepped forward and expressed interest in helping, and for this we are so thankful!  Our immediate needs are equipment, excavators, helping hands, and funds to bring this project to fruition. 

How can I help?

  1. Pray, first and foremost! We envision a place in which we can minister to our school, our church, but most importantly, our communities; for we see a soccer field as a wonderful tool to reach families for Christ!

  2. Pray for a smooth construction schedule.

  3. Pray for willing hands.

  4. Pray for funds necessary to complete the project. Anticipated immediate costs include additional engineering costs, equipment rental, fuel, silt sock, construction materials, transportation of tree stumps to the landfill, top soil, and grass seed.

  5. Come and help! We are opening the site to area residents to cut firewood for their personal use on October 24 and 31 from 7:00 A.M.– 4:00 P.M.  If you do not need firewood, feel free to come and help load a truck.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact Pastor Tim Longnecker at 570-753-3400 or tjlongnecker@wsbcm.org.  Thank you!